Why am I so grumpy?

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Life can be irritating at times.  A parking ticket, someone not pulling their weight at work, a house full of screaming kids –  there’s no limit to blood boiling moments. But while it’s easy to play the blame game and no doubt a child rubbing jam across the curtains deserves a solid reprimand, have you ever wondered if the problem is you, or more specifically, something going on within you?

It could be hormones, chemicals that carry messages from the brain to the organs controlling function and health. Basic things like eating and sleeping are controlled by hormones but also more complex functions like sexual desire and reproduction. Critically, hormones are responsible for emotions and mood. Anger, irritability, anxiousness – all can be caused by hormones and sometimes all at once.

A key to feeling better is to keep hormones in balance. We know that’s not easy as it might involve a whole raft of things needing to work together simultaneously across multiple aspects of your life including work, family and play. But there are some things you can do right now that will give you a kick-start.

Regular exercise  – Being physically active increases dopamine levels, a ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter, but also serotonin which can allow for a better sleep and the regulation of oestrogen. So get out there and get a sweat on!

De-stress – Could be meditation, yoga or just reading a book. Either way, calming activities can help normalise your levels of the stress related hormone cortisol. And avoid situations you know are going to wind you up. We know you can’t always avoid the idiot boss but if you can limit your exposure to them you might avoid a meltdown.

Maintaining healthy food habits. Food has a massive impact on hormone levels. Lowering your sugar and refined carbohydrate intake can optimise hormone function while also helping avoid obesity, diabetes and other diseases which are known to throw hormone levels out.

30 PLUS NuWoman – This is a naturally derived supplement formulated for women wanting to support hormonal balance. It doesn’t contain hormones but rather supports the body in managing its own to achieve a healthy balance. Kiwi women swear by it and it’s available here or at leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

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4 thoughts on “Why am I so grumpy?

  1. Vanessa Edwards says:

    Im 48, and Before I started on 30plus, I would get regular headaches/migraines. Since taking 30 plus for the last year, I havnt had any, until today…I ran out of 30plus about 10 days ago, and today, had to cancel all my afternoon clients, (I’m a hairdresser), due to a migraine (I get aura migraines, where my vision becomes impaired, but also felt like my eyeballs were going to burst)…I couldn’t afford to buy any more, but found some money to go buy some more today. Could be a coincidence, but I truly believe 30plus has been of so much benefit to me and my crazy hormones. I recommend them to a lot of my clients.

    • Katy - 30 PLUS NuWoman says:

      Thanks for the message Vanessa, it’s always great to hear how 30 PLUS NuWoman has helped. Headaches/Migraines are sometimes caused by hormonal imbalances so this is most likely the cause.

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