What is NuWoman?

NuWoman 30 PLUS & NuWoman BALANCE are scientifically formulated women’s health supplements that have helped thousands of women since launch in 2003. All products are 100% natural and formulated to assists the body in balancing your hormones naturally.

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Mother, Cross Fit Enthusiast

This magic little pill, within two to three weeks, made me feel amazing. My mood changed. This horrible fog had been lifted and I was happy again. I had more energy and even my husband and kids noticed.

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Mother, Running Own Business

I saw the product in a Pharmacy and decided to try it. I noticed a difference within the first week. I don’t get anywhere near as anxious or upset if the kids are all trying to be answered at the same time.

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Busy Proffesional

Before 30 PLUS NuWoman I would feel quite irrational, very impatient. Now I feel more rational and confident in stressful situations. I don’t go anywhere without my 30 PLUS.

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What people are saying

These tablets have virtually saved my life ! And the best thing about them is they are natural. Wow. No words can express how amazing they are. I have gone from having 1 or 2 migraines a week to about 1 in the past few months. And I actually feel like I’m normal again. No more mood swings. Yay ? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

KYLEE MUNN / Facebook

These were the best thing that happened for me. I was really out of sorts and like some women on here as well , I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with depression. I saw these and thought I’d try them instead of anti depressants, turned out it was my hormones out of whack. I couldn’t recommend these enough

LAURA RUBIN / Facebook

Had a massive year of life changes.. big ups & huge downs with loads of down days & tears. Literally days after taking Nu woman 30 PLUS I felt better. Brighter.. happier.. not so irritable or upset/sad. I love it.. it has absolutely helped me over the past 3 months.. 100% recommend it.


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