Let’s take a sneaky peak at some of the science of hormones health & Nutrition and say a big hello to our hormones.

Your body is busy making a whole host of hormones all times of the day. Hormones as we know are our chemical messengers that control important bodily functions including letting us know when we are hungry, support growth, mood, reproduction and stress.

Hormone production is managed by the endocrine system which are a collection of glands and include the thyroid, adrenal pituitary, and ovaries in women.

So what do we know about the Top 6 Hormones

  1. Oestrogen is one of the female hormones that we are all pretty aware of and is often known as one of the sex hormone’s as it is responsible for the development and regulates the female reproduction system. Oestrogen is produced by the ovaries and along with the cause for puberty in young women it also looks after our bones, stimulates the body’s circulatory system, and helps manage cholesterol. It can also affect our mood!  Oestrogen sources do not solely lie as an internal source, there are also many sources external to us from synthetic sources like the contraceptive pill to foods which can lead to excess or high Oestrogen levels. Excess or high Oestrogen irrespective of source can be problematic as it causes our hormones to get out of balance. High Oestrogen levels may be a cause of weight gain, low and rollercoaster moods, and severe pre-menstrual issues.
  2. Testosterone another sex hormone which we associate more with males than females can be problematic for women if they have too much testosterone, as this may indicate a propensity for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and can be causes for acne and facial hair.
  3. Cortisol, as I’m sure you are aware if you have read some of our topics in the past is our stress response hormone. It helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar metabolism and may reduce inflammation. All good when its balanced right, but too much cortisol has been seen to be linked to anxiety, depression, and weight gain whereas too little can cause fatigue, weight loss and mood swings. Cortisol is very much a fine balance so watch out for stress triggers and when you find yourself in that flight or fight response. 
  4. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas allows sugar to enter muscle, fat and liver cells and stores excess sugar as fat. Diabetes is a range of conditions that result from lack of insulin, or insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes, which typically develops in adulthood, occurs when your body stops responding to insulin. Diabetes signs in women are important because they indicate that blood sugar levels are higher than target levels. So, if you need that wee afternoon pep up or after dinner sweet taste take a moment to see if an alternative might just do the trick (we all know it’s not quite the same).  Some fruit and nuts in a bowl or 1 or 2 squares of that chocolate bar that’s screaming to snapped in half. (It’s almost like the squares weren’t made to snap individually). 
  5. Thyroxine the hormone secreted by the thyroid gland controls many essential functions of the body, including the heart and digestive system, metabolism, bone health and brain development. The best way to check your thyroid is functioning effectively is to get your doctor to test your blood for levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH).
  6. Melatonin is what we all need for a good night’s sleep, and we make more melatonin at night when light levels drop as this signals the optic nerve to instruct the brain to start producing melatonin.  The pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin throughout the night until the sun rises, when it instructs the brain to stop production of melatonin – clever wee gland. So, if you are having difficulty sleeping don’t be tempted to look at a device as this interrupts our melatonin production. If you are having difficulty sleeping short term supplementation of melatonin or a valerian-based supplement may be the key to get things back in sync.

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Tyrosine is there to assist your adrenal and thyroid function to help with hormone balance. 

Chromium helps to support and regulate blood sugar level, enabling your body to function better.

Vitamins B6, B9 and B12, work to break down excess hormone levels allowing your body to remain balanced.

Calcium helps to maintain strong bones and carry out many important functions.

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NuWoman BALANCE and NuWoman 30 PLUS ideal through our hormonal life stages from 18 years and through peri menopause.  We often get asked what the difference between NuWoman BALANCE & NuWoman 30 PLUS is, and it is simply in the dosage. BALANCE suitable for young women we recommend 1 tablet a day and for NuWoman 30PLUS we recommend 2 tablets a day.

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