Keep stress levels in-check and balance out those hormones

  1. Make exercise a high priority as it really helps to manage both stress and toxin build up. Exercise is a simple and effective way to calm the nervous system. It not only uses the energy created in the body, but it also metabolises (breaks down) excess stress hormones. Exercise is the quickest thing you can do to manage the hormonal stress response and it helps remove toxin build up. Start with a simple walk around the block which works wonders and if you can get that heart pumping safely with a wee jog or cycle or even a bit of a hill – all the better.
  2. Get more sleep, aim for at least a couple of early nights, and don’t feel guilty if you had a chance to curl up on the couch for a wee snooze this weekend. Take those opportunities as your body is telling you it needs it.
  3. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine – they can make you jittery and increase cortisol levels (a stress hormone). If these are your “go to” then try and be aware of when you reach out and make a point of doing something super positive for your body like drinking a glass of water first, then seeing if you still need it?
  4. Connect with those you love particularly those you can’t always get to see. Connecting with people and finding some stories to smile about is great medicine for the soul and a superb de-stressor. Also remember laughing will increase the release of endorphins. Altogether this makes us feel nurtured and shows to our brain that we are not in any danger and is so good for our overall wellbeing.
  5. Learn to be present in the moment and not trapped by thoughts and feelings… or more simply learn to accept and let go (easier said than done but mega powerful). Take some time to just breathe and think of all the things we are grateful for. 
  6. Eat a balanced diet – with lots of fresh cruciferous vegetables- these are those “green veggies” like cabbage, kale, broccoli & brussels sprouts (to name a few), which are low calorie and rich in folate, Vit C, E, K and fibre rich too. They are also a great support to balance your hormones.

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