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  1. Nicki Bee (store manager)

    Feeling sooo much better! Helped with bloating sugar cravings, sleep, mood swings. I went off them for a month was meaning to buy more and kept forgetting and noticed how tired I was and all the symptoms came back. Recommend these to anyone to try.

  2. Zena (store manager)

    Really good – more energy and less cranky. I found these tablets really helped me with energy and overall mood (my husband thinks they are good)

  3. Sophie (store manager)

    I am sure these already worked first cycle. I have noticed less cravings and more mild pre-menstrual symptoms. Well worth it if you feel like your monthly cycle impacts your mood and behaviour.

  4. Vickie H (store manager)

    Wow thank you so much NuWoman you saved my marriage! I have taken NuWoman 30 PLUS for well over 15 years and my husband could tell if I’d missed taking my ‘chill pill’. We are about to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and I thank you for being with me on our life journey xoxo

  5. Machen (store manager)

    I had the worst PMT (PMS.) For a full week I felt bloated, cramps, and beware to my husband. This was 1/4 of my life that was absolutely miserable. This product totally erased my PMT. Now, I have one little cramp, and that tells me it’s started. You must take 2 per day for optimal erasure of PMT, I suggest a pill counter. I didn’t see the perfect results until my second period on this NuWoman, but the first period was so much better–imagine my surprise month 2! Great Stuff. Wish I found it as a teen!