Ever feel like you can’t relax? Those times when your body feels tense, thoughts don’t flow and casual conversation just rubs you the wrong way?

Anxiety in NZ is a growing issue that affects over 20% of adults with the statistics showing women fair worse, representing over 14% of the total Anxiety disorder diagnoses in 2018 according to Ministry of Health data.

That on edge feeling that you get in public, surrounded by people, the world blurring by but you’re stuck in one place, struggling to breathe? You know it will go away eventually but what if there was a way to help with those feelings, naturally? Not everyone wants to use medication to ease the feelings, but there are numerous natural remedies which can be quite effective in easing that on edge feeling and the panic it brings.

These natural remedies are clinically proven by science and can help people of all ages and backgrounds. The best thing is, a lot of these remedies don’t even require you to spend money- they just require you to make some healthy lifestyle adjustments.  Here are five of the most effective natural remedies that we love.

1. Exercise

While you may have heard about the benefits of exercise many times before, it can truly be an effective remedy for ensuring those on edge feelings subside. Simply being more physical in your daily life can have a huge positive impact on your mood as well as your overall health.

Many studies and clinical trials have found that exercise can be highly effective at reducing feelings of edginess and that panicky feeling where your heart races for no reason. A 2013 research review in Front Psychiatry noted that numerous studies have found exercise to be a powerful remedy to those pesky feelings due to the physiological changes exercise causes in the body, as well as the positive psychological effects it can have.

Physical exercise increases the production of the chemicals which improve your mood. This means you’ll get a natural boost of serotonin and a rush of endorphins which will help alleviate negative feelings, enabling you to carry on with your day.

Exercise can also be therapeutic for the mind, helping you burn off stress and feel more positive about yourself. Over time, you’ll feel more confident, positive, and motivated. It also increases energy levels and reduces the risk of health problems. Overall, the mental and physical benefits can have an enormous impact on your personal mental wellbeing.

2. Sleep

Another simple yet incredibly effective method for alleviating those feelings is to improve your sleep. Bad sleep can contribute to negative thought patterns, especially as regular fatigue, and lack of rest can result in more stress when carrying out daily work.

Of course, improving your sleep is easier said than done. Negative feelings that leave you on edge can also contribute to the inability to sleep, which can quickly become a negative cycle. With that said, there are some effective natural ways to ensure you get a better night’s sleep.

Keeping to a regular sleep schedule is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Over time, you’ll notice that your body is naturally ready to rest at the same time each day. You should also avoid your bedroom throughout the day, so your mind sees it as a place of sleep. Distracting yourself with an activity such as reading a book at night can also distract your mind from stress and help you get to sleep.

Try to keep to a schedule of at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Over time, you’ll notice massive improvements in your mood and energy levels.

3. Dietary Changes

Another lifestyle change that can have a significant impact on your health is changing your diet. There are certain foods and beverages which can actually have a negative impact on your mental well-being, causing you to feel more on edge than ever. Cutting out the bad and focusing on healthy eating can effectively improve your mental health.

Caffeine has been known to worsen those on edge moments due to its stimulant effects. The same applies to foods high in sugar, processed foods, fast food and gluten. While you don’t have to cut everything out, the less you get of these foods, the better. Drinks can also have an effect. Try to cut out energy drinks, sugary drinks, and alcohol in favour of water; you’ll start to notice a positive impact on your mental state.

On the flip side, foods such as eggs, nuts, yogurt, dark chocolate, and fruits such as blueberries can help alleviate the stress on your mental health

4. Meditation

Meditation and breathing exercises are an incredible way to help prevent negative, on edge feelings from getting worse or even presenting in the first place. Simply spending 15 minutes out of your day meditating and focusing on naturally relaxing your body can help put you in a better mental state.

A study on meditation in the Journal of Experimental Biology 2018 found that even a single session of mindfulness meditation could reduce that on edge feeling. It also reduced heart rate and blood pressure, showing it can have positive effects for your physical health too.

You can find a meditation class or even look up meditation programs online. Some of these even make it easy to meditate from home for extra convenience. It’s a simple activity which can help significantly to feel better and less stressed.

5. Get your Hormones in Check

Hormonal imbalance can often be the root cause of some of those on edge issues. Fluctuating hormones can lead to anxiousness, irritability, mood swings and emotional outbursts. The previous tips are great for improving your mental wellbeing and have the knock on effect of also helping to balance your hormones, but in today’s fast moving world sometimes we need an extra helping hand.

30 PLUS NuWoman is a scientifically formulated natural supplement designed to help balance female hormones and help you feel great every day. Alongside some of the other tips above this natural helping hand may get you back to feeling yourself and help deal with these issues.


Feeling on edge and panicky can be tough to beat, but all of these natural remedies are proven by science to potentially help. Not only can these natural remedies help reduce the feelings, but they may also improve your overall health. Start making lifestyle changes such as more exercise, a healthier diet, and a regular sleep schedule, and you’ll begin to notice improvements in your mental and physical health.

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