Is there some sort of “blues” epidemic? Is it the pressure of daily life? Or is it sometimes misdiagnosis?

A delicate hormonal balance needs to be maintained to ensure good health and a feeling of wellbeing. When the two major female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, become imbalanced a whole range of symptoms can present themselves.

Many of the symptoms are physical, but it is the mental symptoms of Hormone Imbalance that are often misdiagnosed. Moodswings, anger, anxiety and irritability, and decreased sex drive, often lead to women being prescribed drugs that may mask the cause of the problem and can be addictive.

Bodies out of Balance. Hormone Imbalance?

The overload of oestrogen in the body is not just that produced by the body.

Indeed,  women are often bombarded by different sources of oestrogen, including toxic oestrogen, or xenoestrogens, introduced by environmental factors such as the contraceptive pill and HRT(hormone replacement therapy), a number of chemicals and pesticides, hair dyes, cosmetics, plastic bottles containing BPA, detergents and pollutants in our drinking water. The condition can be treated withnatural herbal hormonal balancers,  such as 30 PLUS®, to counter oestrogen dominance.

30 PLUS® is available from Pharmacies and selected Health Stores.

Other dietary and lifestyle  measures such as reducing processed foods, reducing excess weight and exercising regularly, can give women drug-free control of their lives.

If you are feeling down by all means talk it over with your doctor.  But be aware that hormones maybe secretly ruling your life.

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