Women’s Half Marathon at Villa Maria Estate

Wow how good was it to get together and have fun together. We were so excited to recently be part of the wonderful Women’s Half Marathon at Villa Maria in January this year.

You guys rock with all the massive amount fitness, effort, energy and fun that you show. We just love seeing all the giggles between girlfriends and happy, laughing ladies – it truly is such a delight to share with you, and a great way to start the year.

Taking time out from our day to day to be with those we love with fitness, food and a wee wine to boot – what’s not to like!

We loved spending time with all the women who came to see us and talk to us about their experiences and we even got to hear how one woman’s marriage was saved by taking NuWoman!

It was really incredibly heart-warming to hear and high praise for NuWoman and we thank you for sharing your story from your heart as it’s not always an easy thing to do. It is easier at times to smile and walk by.

This is Vicky’s story:

“Wow thank you so much NuWoman you saved my marriage! I have taken NuWoman 30 PLUS for well over 15 years and my husband could tell if I’d missed taking my ‘chill pill’. We are about to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and I thank you for being with me on our life journey xoxo”

So truly we thank you and thought it might be a good time to remind each other that it’s good to share our stories particularly when your openness could be what opens the door to someone else to help them on their journey.

We know that exercise is one of the core focuses of hormone balance and what better way to help balance your hormones than by doing a run or walk in a supportive environment.

On another note, no matter where you placed in the marathon, the fact you took place is huge. Maybe you stepped out of your comfort zone, maybe you do this regularly and it was a fun run, maybe this was part of your journey to a better self. Regardless, just taking part was amazing so congratulations.

Even when things are going crazy on the inside and our hormones are really fluctuating especially in times of stress, keep exercising and having fun as laughter is great medicine as we all can relate to.

Are you feeling a little out of sorts and off kilter at the moment (you aren’t alone believe me) and want to see if NuWoman can help you get back to your normal happy self?

Well, to lend a hand in the journey (who doesn’t love a helping hand?) from us at Nuwoman, we are offering 10 lovely ladies the chance to try 2 month supply of NuWoman to see if it works for you.

Simply tell us why you would like to be part of the trial and you will be in the draw. Leave your answer in the comments!

It was a great couple of days at the event and we loved every minute of it. Look forward to seeing you next year!

In the meantime, check out a couple of our photos from the weekend:

For more photos check out our Facebook page.

9 thoughts on “Women’s Half Marathon at Villa Maria Estate

  1. Andrea woolley says:

    Hi with having increasing regular broken sleep & the sweats then feeling less energy at work it would be great to try your 30 plus 😊as I nearly 50

  2. Bek says:

    Would love to try this product. Working Mum to 4 kiddies. I’m struggling to shake the overwhelming feeling that comes with working and juggling kids/home. Feel like I have lost my mojo and would love to have it back.

  3. Adrienne Price says:

    Hello…enjoyed the Villa Maria walk/run…would love to try this product as I am turning 50 this year and have menopausal symptoms. Have never tried Nu Woman or any hormone wellness supplement before! Thanks heaps Adrienne

  4. Liz says:

    Hi NuWoman, I’ve heard really good things about this product and as I’m entering menopause, it’s high time I gave it a whirl. Thanks for this opportunity. 👍

  5. Kerry says:

    I thought I was okay but TBH today I realise I’m not. I’m having trouble sleeping, I’m getting night sweats and the moods – well they are swinging! Maybe it’s time to recognise I’m not okay and take some steps to be okay. Thanks NuWoman for the reminder I obviously needed today!

    • Katy - NuWoman says:

      That’s what we are here to help with Kerry! As women, we never seem to take the time to look after ourselves. With everything else we’ve got to look after, we come off second best! We’ll put you in the draw to win!

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