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Mood Swings?

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Hormone imbalance is impacting on women’s bodies as well as on their emotional health.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Life & Style section on 19 July (Boom and bust, by Erika Woods) reported that women’s breasts, particularly those of younger women, had increased on average by three cup sizes during the past 50 years.

Increasing richness of diet and increasing levels of oestrogen due to puberty starting much earlier are offered as possible factors, however some professionals argue that an increasing level of oestrogen in women’s bodies, due to external sources, is a key factor in this developing phenomena.

Other sources of oestrogen are:
• Chemicals in our food – some producers using oestrogen as a growth hormone to fatten animals more quickly.
• Some medication.
• Environmental pollution, especially agricultural chemicals in our food.

(more detailed list here)

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