Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which product is right for me? 30 PLUS or BALANCE?

A. NuWoman BALANCE is designed for women between 18 – 30 years of age. Those over 30 years of age can take NuWoman 30 PLUS or NuWoman BALANCE.

Q. Is NuWoman suitable for Vegans/Gluten Free/Palm Oil Free/GMO free?
A. Yes, NuWoman 30 PLUS & NuWoman BALANCE are suitable for vegetarians and are free from Gluten, Starch, Yeast, Palm Oil and GMOs.

Q. Can NuWoman be taken long term without having a break?
A. Yes, but we do recommend that every 6 to 12 months you take a 2 week break at the beginning of your menstrual cycle to assess whether the product is working for you.

Q. Can NuWoman still be used and effective if you have had a hysterectomy?
A. Yes

Q. Can NuWoman be taken if you are taking the contraceptive pill?
A. Yes

Q. Does NuWoman cause weight gain?
A. No

Q. Is the Black Cohosh in NuWoman safe?
A. Yes. All Black Cohosh extracts are different though. CimimaxTM is the trademarked form of Cimicifuga Racemosa (Black Cohosh) used in all NuWoman products and is one of the most advanced form of Cimicifuga on the market today. It is manufactured by the world’s leading supplier of standardised herbal preparations. Unlike other forms of Cimicifuga, Cimimax is standardised to two active constituent benchmarks that ensures optimum potency, consistency and effectiveness.

Q. How long does Black Cohosh take to be effective?
A. Up to 3 menstrual cycles. Be patient the time will vary for different women.

Q. Does NuWoman interact with other medications?
A. No, NuWoman will not affect other medications however if you are taking prescribed anti -depressants please advise your health professional prior to taking. Those with hypertension should exercise caution in the use of L-tyrosine. Those with melanoma should avoid L-tyrosine supplements. Also as a good health practice we would recommend taking any medication an hour apart.

Q. Can NuWoman be taken whilst pregnant or breast feeding?
A. No we would not recommend taking NuWoman whilst pregnant or breastfeeding as no studies have been conducted.

Q. Are there known side effects to NuWoman?
A. Occasionally gastric problems and some headaches as hormones readjust. As with all medicines a small percentage of users will have some minor reactions. It is recommended to halve the recommended daily dosage and ensure that it is taken with food if this occurs.

Q. Can you take the am and pm pill together?
A. No, they should be taken separately one in the morning and one in the evening.

Q. Is there a difference between the am and pm tablet?
A. No, they are the same just named “am & pm” to help you remember.