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  1. Suzy Frederikson

    Amazing product I’m on my second month and know I cannot live with out these pills thankyou so much

  2. Robin Woodman

    I am feeling a lot more clearer in the head, since starting these 2 weeks ago. I didn’t think I would notice anything so fast, but so far, I’m really happy with the product. And hopefully I can afford to keep on these xxx ❤️

  3. Melanie Altham

    Been taking for over a year now, and wouldn’t be without it. I am calmer, have more energy and less sugar cravings. I stopped for a month or so and realised I can’t live without it. Couldn’t recommend enough!!!

  4. Ange Parker

    Hi guys…almost a month in taking your product…love love love it…I am so much calmer and relaxed and have heaps more energy….I have for a long time suffered from having facial hair…black ones….I was plucking daily…I now pluck maybe once a week and then its only the odd hair…brilliant to see it has reduced so much and wasnt expecting that at all also my acne has become very minimal….love love….this product is brilliant….I thank you 🙂

  5. Fiona Windle

    Have got through one box and my emotional roller coaster seems to have settled a bit so on to my next box. I just got more at Countdown Lincoln Rd, which has them on special $29.99 for box of 60

  6. Donna Thomas

    I have been taking 30Plus NuWoman for approximately 5-6 weeks now, for me they have restored my wellbeing tenfold. Being of the Mature age I have been experiencing side effects of menopause, mood swings, weight gain and tiredness, just to name a few. When I won the opportunity to try these miracle pills (my new name for them) I was a bit dubious as I thought that like a lot of Women my age you just have to grin and bear the changes that we will all go through, but I was wrong…, these pills have alleviated a lot of the side effects that come along with Menopause, the main one being the mood swings, my husband can attest to this as he wore the brunt of most of this. I would recommend trying these but also give them time to work, it won’t happen overnight but I did see changes in how I was feeling and found I was a lot calmer, so my family now have a calmer and rational person back in their midst, and I am still taking the pills and will continue doing so. They have definitely got my THUMBS UP….

  7. Jo Copeland

    Amazing results with 30Plus, PMT non existant, stress levels are right down and energy levels are awesome. Thanks so much for an amazing product

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