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  1. Megz Meier (store manager)

    I have been using the Nuwoman for a few weeks now. I have felt so much better and have lost weight and sleeping better. I have had no mood swings and just feeling very positive. I am having a good experience on these at the moment so I will continue.

  2. Yvette Bird-Potter

    I’ve been taking these most of this year, my skin is alot clearer, I have more energy and feel alot calmer.

  3. Maree Butler

    I was lucky enough to win a 3 month supply of 30 Plus. It quickly became routine to take morning and evening (I’m not usually very good at remembering but had no problem this time!). I have found that I am more settled in my emotions, not seeming to have many ups and downs, which has been great given a bit of upheaval in life this last year. I had hoped it might help with my migraines which could be hormonal, but unfortunately they don’t seem to have altered much. But I would definitely recommend at least trying 30 Plus – go on, give it a go!

  4. Alexandra Butson

    Wow! I’m 29 and so glad I came across this while researching hormonal imbalances. I feel like a different person, alot more calm, sleeping better,food cravings gone & seem to have more energy.Initially in first week I got a few headaches & a bit of nausea but as long as taken with food this subsided within a week – I wish I knew about this years ago! Thank you 🙂

  5. Rachelle Smith

    This is a wonderful product, it has certainly helped with regulating my periods again in just the two months I’ve been on them, it’s also helped with my mood swings, I would love to stay on these but money is very tight so back to mood swings and 3 week long periods again lol.
    I do recommend these to every woman to just try, if they don’t work for you then there will be something that does but I had to find out that they worked about the 3rd week into them, they are great!!