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  1. Melanie Masters

    Not sure if these are working for me or not! I’ve weaned myself off my anti-depressants and taking these instead. I’m definitely still getting mood swings and I get constipated all the time. Part of me wants to stop taking them to see if there is a difference! The upside is my nails are fabulous!

  2. Rochelle Ganderton

    Brilliant! It has really helped me. Some days are better than others but overall this has certainly helped to pull in my very short fuse, sleeping and energy

  3. Sonia Allison

    Hi I don’t normally write on Facebook. I have started taking 30plus one in morn one at night this week. Is it normal to be boiling hot to the point can’t sleep or I’m freezing cold. Then the next night I slept 10 hours straight. Slightly weepy and headachy. Bit like my pms. Yet on one hand not as angry little bit more calmer. No sugar cravings. Should I wait and see if it levels out or maybe take only one tablet a day…. I do take multi vitamin/mineral and fish oil pills, one for joint. magnesium at night as well. I’m taking them because I’m in stages of pre menopause also previous pms. Any suggestions? Cheers Sonia

  4. Gemma Reid-Orr

    I was sceptical about this but after just 2 weeks I already feel a difference. My sleep has improved and my moods are more balanced!! Can’t wait to see what happens by week 4!

  5. Tracey Cox

    I,ve been taking these for a long time now, you could buy in any chemist ,know very hard to buy anywherehave to ordet fro N,Z what a pain