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Oestrogen in you water?

Oestrogen in our water comes form the pill

Are you drinking Oestrogen, or Oestrogen mimicking hormones without even knowing it?

Where does this Oestrogen come from? Well one of the main notions is that a large increase in Oestrogen in the water supply is a direct cause of the common adoption of “the pill”. There is no doubt about the fact that the female contraceptive pill contains hormones or hormone mimicking chemicals. It is also a fact that the urine of women taking “the pill” contains high levels of these chemicals. So just what do we think happens to these chemicals after they are expelled from the body? It’s quite simple (and slightly gross). They are discharged into the water systems of our small island. That is into rivers, the sea or straight to a recycling/purifying plant where they are filtered into drinking water. The problem seems obvious doesn’t it? The Oestrogen and other hormones expelled into the water system are recycled and end up being consumed by more people, then they are once again expelled into the water system where they join yet more hormones from the same process and the concentration in our drinking water slowly increases.

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Feeling down? Feeling Hormone Imbalance?

30 PLus Hormonal imbalance lady

Is there some sort of “blues” epidemic? Is it the pressure of daily life? Or is it sometimes misdiagnosis?

A delicate hormonal balance needs to be maintained to ensure good health and a feeling of wellbeing. When the two major female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, become imbalanced a whole range of symptoms can present themselves.

Many of the symptoms are physical, but it is the mental symptoms of Hormone Imbalance that are often misdiagnosed. Moodswings, anger, anxiety and irritability, and decreased sex drive, often lead to women being prescribed drugs that may mask the cause of the problem and can be addictive.

Bodies out of Balance. Hormone Imbalance?

The overload of oestrogen in the body is not just that produced by the body.

Indeed,  women are often bombarded by different sources of oestrogen, including toxic oestrogen, or xenoestrogens, introduced by environmental factors such as the contraceptive pill and HRT(hormone replacement therapy), a number of chemicals and pesticides, hair dyes, cosmetics, plastic bottles containing BPA, detergents and pollutants in our drinking water. The condition can be treated withnatural herbal hormonal balancers,  such as 30 PLUS®, to counter oestrogen dominance.

30 PLUS® is available from Pharmacies and selected Health Stores.

Other dietary and lifestyle  measures such as reducing processed foods, reducing excess weight and exercising regularly, can give women drug-free control of their lives.

If you are feeling down by all means talk it over with your doctor.  But be aware that hormones maybe secretly ruling your life.

For more information on Hormonal Imbalance see here.

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Welcome to 30 Plus NuWoman – Hormonal Support for Women

30 Plus NuWoman Welcome Image

30 Plus NuWoman is a scientifically formulated women’s health supplement that has helped thousands of women in NZ since its launch in 2003.

30 Plus NuWoman was developed for Lisa Curry (the Australian Olympian Swimming Champion) who suffered with oestrogen dominance. A leading Naturopath spent over two years adjusting the formulae and concentrations of active ingredients to create 30 Plus Nu Woman. Lisa was at the time in her early 30’s and hence the name, which is a little misleading as it can be used by women of all ages.

30 Plus NuWoman is the No.1 Natural Hormonal balance support brand in New Zealand and is suitable for women of all ages.

As women, we need to maintain a delicate hormonal balance to ensure good health and a feeling of wellbeing. When the two major female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, become imbalanced a whole range of symptoms can present themselves. Hormonal imbalance can result in: mood swings, anxiety, stress, weepiness, uncontrolled anger, irritability, emotional outbursts, sugar cravings, lack of energy, sleep issues and loss of personal identity.

From our experiences women will notice a change after taking 30 Plus Nu Woman for between 2-12 weeks, everyone is different. So we encourage you to stay on the product for at least 12 weeks before fully assessing whether it is right for you.

Where can you can get 30 Plus?

It is available from Pharmacies, Health Stores and Countdown supermarkets nationwide. To find a stockist see here.

If you need further help you can call us on our helpline 0800 657 876.

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Mood Swings?

Eggs with different faces painted on

Hormone imbalance is impacting on women’s bodies as well as on their emotional health.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Life & Style section on 19 July (Boom and bust, by Erika Woods) reported that women’s breasts, particularly those of younger women, had increased on average by three cup sizes during the past 50 years.

Increasing richness of diet and increasing levels of oestrogen due to puberty starting much earlier are offered as possible factors, however some professionals argue that an increasing level of oestrogen in women’s bodies, due to external sources, is a key factor in this developing phenomena.

Other sources of oestrogen are:
• Chemicals in our food – some producers using oestrogen as a growth hormone to fatten animals more quickly.
• Some medication.
• Environmental pollution, especially agricultural chemicals in our food.

(more detailed list here)

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In the Balance, Feeling Depressed – Article from M2Woman Health Report

Front cover of M2Woman Article

It has on occasion be labelled “the hormone monster”– a hormonal imbalance can take over your mood, your well-being and your life. It can affect your capability to do your job, your sense of identity, people close to you and your family.

Professional Naturopath and inventor of 30 Plus NuWoman, Jeff Butterworth, says, “It’s very powerful – these women think they’re depressed or going crazy, they have these mood swings – and they think ‘Is this me?’ but it’s actually a physiological problem.”

Unfortunately, for these women it is a common experience to be told they are stressed or that the experience is just part of being a woman. Friends, partners and even doctors too often give the wrong advice to these women. In our society we are made to believe that mood swings, weight gain, irritability and other symptoms are normal for pre-menstrual women.

“These days, it’s accepted that women have a hormonal imbalance, so what’s accepted as normal is not necessarily healthy. Doctors say, ‘You’ve just got pre-menstrual tension’ but that’s not a healthy state, or normal state, so there’s that level of apathy that this is a normal thing,” says Jeff.

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